Friday, October 9, 2009

Chocolateorange cake

Hi :-),

here is my first cake I am publishing on my blogg I did it, yes I am so excited, I hope that all of you out there can have it fun with me too....send me a comment and your bloggpost so that I can look at yours :-) and share....

Raw chocolate orange cake I you like it....if you do so please send me a comment and I can send you the recipie :-)

It is easy so that you can make it too, tastes realy chocolate with orange freshnes. And what is best that you can eat a piece with joy and knowing that at the same time you do something rely good for your body by taking in high nutrion food and superfoods, vitimins, minerals and will get good energy and feeling.


  1. This cake is very nice, please send me the recipe! Thank you, Gitta (

  2. Hei Gitta :-),

    well as you see I am new to all this with blogging so it takes me some time to find out things :-),you are realy creative in making your own recipies, what I like is that they aren.t to expensive too and good looking :-).

    The dough: 2 c mandel flower or other kind of nuts
    3/4 c raw kakao powder or raw carob powder or a bit of both
    5 to 6 big spoons of kokos fet /smelted/
    raw vanilje powder,cinnemon,pinch of

    agave og honey to sweaten it
    1ts of greens chlorella or spirulina or..... I use it for better digestion and one can not taste it and due to use of cacao it will not change the colour of the dough to green. I usualy make everything by instinkt and working with hands and tasting it so it is a bit difficult for me to give real exact mesurments :-).But you are well experienced yourself so you could see it on consistence of the dough. Not to hard,soft,sticky.....I use a bit of the nut flower on the bottom of the cake form so it will not stick and be easier to take it out.

    The filling: the same from all of the ingrediences

    1 cup of orange juice
    1 cup of raw kakao butter /smelted/
    1 cup of agave or honey
    1 cup of raw cacao powder
    vanilla seeds,cinnamon
    2 big spoons of smelted kokos fet

    everything togeather in Vita mix and pour it on the dough.It is quite liquidy the filling,but do not be scared it will harden just fine :-),I do not place it in the fridge but in a basement where it is quite could too...but when it hardens than one can put it in the fridge. Important when you make the filling it is important to have all the ingrediences just about the same temperature othervise it will get wrong and get awfull consistenc.

    On the top I used just to give it a bit touch with colours some dried flowers which are eateble too and I buy them from ekologisk farm. I am sorry about the english I hope you will understand and I wish you good luck with trying this recipie and realy looking forward to make it cosy on my blog and follow yours as I do actually everyday :-).