Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chia seeds bread with superfood and roses :-)

This has been todays breakfast :-) Homemade raw chia bread with cocoa nibs, goji and beepollen and leavs from roses. They were not just for the garnish but to eat too,wowwwww delicious,shame that it is not possible that anyone who would could taste via internet :-).
recipie for the chia bread.... you will nead dehydrator and
chia seeds
cacao nibs
agave, yacon,honey, date paste or whatever sweetener you prefer
bitt of himalaya salt
cinnemon and lime zest
I just blend everything at once in a big bowel with wooden spoon,lett it sitt for a while and stir ocasionally about halv en hour and spread it rightaway on the dehydrator sheets and dry it at 38 degrees between 18 to 24 hours cheecking in between.
Do you have some of your own recipie for chia bread....?

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  1. wow I would never think to make this but it sounds and looks great!