Saturday, December 12, 2009

Raw cabbage salad with avokado and hamp :-)

Raw cabbage salad
Red cabbage which I have mixed with himalaya salt and RAW AMAN PRANA oil : Happy Perilla Special, which has the beautiful and reach tasty bland of other oils :
Perilla oil which is a plant av peppermynt familie, hamp oil, nigella oil, nattlys oil, red palm oil, walnut oil, pumpkin oil and ekologisk zest av lime, orange and lemon
Avokadoer are fyllt opp with hamp seeds which I miksed in bowl with himalayan salt, lemon juice and again en av RAW AMAN PRANA olis which has fenikkel og camomille taste
Everything tastes absolut gooooodddd and rich :-)
If you have the possibility to buy these oils I have used you will be REALY GLAD you did.
PS: are you one of mange who uses them already? Please share your ideas :-)

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