Thursday, December 10, 2009

One to three and dinner is done :-)

Bit in a hurry yesterday, that was the day when one can appreciate and have something which is done from before in the fridge :-). In my case it was cashew pesto which I made on sunday,that is the day when I usually GO CRAZY :-) in the kitchen and making lots and lots to have in coming week....ohhh that is always such a good therapi...well sundays are my days :-).
Bit about the pesto, it taste DELICIOUS, realy FRESH because og lots of lemon juice in it and again with some quick tricks one can made very good looking food and give yourself feeling of treeting oneself and that is very importent.
It is versatile and soooo playfull, I use it as you see on the picture spread on fennel bulb slices.....stuffed in avokado after you take out the cabbage boats......filling in noris sheets as a wraps....... I did not have granataple but that looks and taste even better it is the kind of last touch with sweetnes from it togeather with other tastes from cashew pesto.
Play and have a FUNN :-))

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