Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breakfast like a queen :-)

Hmmmm today I spoiled myself a bit with realy good breakfast :-)
which was made out of sliced bananas and chocolate avokado spread, sprinkled with kakao nibs and beepollen and a bit goji and dried ekologisk flowers. Well it gave this nice feeling of eating something good testing,looking,smelling and PACKED with lots of ENERGY.
How I made my chocolate avokado spread.....?

raw kako powder and carob
agave,yacon or honey to sweeaten it
fresh dates to make it thicker in consistens
vanilla powder,cinnemon,pinch of himalaya salt
cocos fet

blend everything togeather in Vita mix or what you have and use and enjoy :-). It is perfekt as a cake fylling on bananas as on my picture, just as it is in raw muffins on raw panckaces and many other options :-)

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