Thursday, November 5, 2009

It is so true......

I just wanted to share this with all of you, maybe that it will make your day or just make it better :-)

it came first snow in here, not much just a bit and over night, it was quite nice to wake up and get back to childe memories and playing in snow. I made a delicious and creamy carrot soup. it is again halv way raw too :-)

and the recipie........ 2 kiloes carrots
3 big onions
1 head of grated garlic
ca 6 pieces of laurel leafs
water,himalaya salt,red pepper
1 kilo carrots in tiny pieces
2 cups ekologisk cocosmilk

coks everything together in big caserole until al dente :-) than it is IMPORTANT!!!!! to remember and take away all of the laurel leafs before mixing the soup othervise it will turn so biter and will not be etable. When mixed take it away from cooker and have 2 cups of ekologisk cocosmilk and 1 kilo of carrots in tiny pieces, stir in and lett sitt and enjoy. You can jazz it up :-) with some more spices as i do sometimes such as cinnamon and fresh ginger. Play and have fun and listen to your feelings when you make your food.

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