Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pea soup with scallions and maize /corn/

:-) back again. Today I have for you pea soup.

700 gramms peas
water / just to cover the peas /!!!
vegetable stock / I use my own homemade/
but it will go with onion ang garlic
too if you do not have stock
2 onions / cut in pieces /
1/2 of garlic head /grated/
himalayen salt and pepper as much you like
300 gramms of PEAS when the soup is done

cook everything together in caserole,but not too long about 12 minutes, mix that afterwards in mixer so that it becomes creamy. The peas has good with starch in it so it will become nice and thick consistenc by itself so there is no need to use milk,cream or.... I do not use it in my cooking anyway, it doe`s not good for the body. I only use cocos milk which has completly different impact on body. When you done with mixing the soup than you take it away from heating and blend in to it with a spoon the rest of the fres peas.

I have used my favorite raw oil from AMAN PRANA with lemon taste I just love this one, I will come with picture of that oil next time :-)

Lately I have been making soups which are halvway cooked and raw because I found that it is something I need when it is cold weather here, I am quite OK with it also because I eat much of a superfood and greens anyway :-).

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